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Location - Luck's Cannery, 798 NC Hwy 705, Seagrove, NC 27341
Click here for Directions and interactive Map

Luck Warehouse

Organizers of the Celebration of Seagrove Potters are excited about using warehouse space in the historic Luck's Cannery to host Seagrove's newest pottery event. The main floor space of the warehouse is more than 220 feet long and almost 100 feet wide with skylights to help with lighting the booths.

Ample parking is available around the facility. The building is accessible to the disabled. And there are large indoor bathroom facilities.

The facility is located on NC Pottery Highway 705, half a mile south of the traffic light in Seagrove on the right.  Click here for Directions.

History of Luck's Cannery

Ivey Luck Poses by Giant Bean Can
Ivey Luck Poses
by Giant Bean Can
Photo courtesy of
Randolph County Public Library

While known for pottery, Seagrove also has a tradition in food products and was home for many years to Luck's Incorporated. The company was founded as Mountain View Cannery in 1947 by Ivey B. Luck and Alfred Spencer, who were joined in 1948 by H. Clay Presnell. Spencer and Presnell later sold out to Luck and in 1953 the establishment became known as Luck's. Luck's specialized in pinto beans and other canned vegetables and food products and employed many Seagrove families.

Bought out by American Home Products and then later by Conagra Products, the Luck's plant closed in 2002.

The initial purpose of the company was to perform home canning. People from the Seagrove area would bring garden vegetables and other locally grown food to the plant for canning (by valerie at tforge support). The Celebration potters admire and hope to continue the spirit of the original Luck's Cannery: people of the Seagrove area working together to provide a future for their community.


Alfred Spencer
Alfred Spencer stands by his
Mountain View Cannery Truck

Photo courtesy of
Randolph County Public Library
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