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April 26-27, 2014...Celebration of Spring in Seagrove.

Spring Kiln Openings and Studio Tour

37 Potteries with over

65 Potters


The information!

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The following Seagrove Potters are participating: 
Avery Pottery & Tileworks 
Ben Owen Pottery 
Blue Hen Pottery 
Bulldog Pottery 
Caldwell-Hohl Artworks 
Co-op of Seagrove Potters 
Chris Luther Pottery 
Crystal King Pottery 
Dean & Martin Pottery 
Donna Craven Pottery 
Eck Mc Canless Pottey 
Freeman Pottery 
From the Ground Up 
Great White Oak Gallery 
Hickory Hill Pottery 
JLK Jewelry @ Jugtown 
Johnston & Gentithes Art Pottery 
Jugtown Pottery 
Keith Martindale Pottery 
Kings Pottery with Crystal King 
Latham's Pottery 
Luck's Ware 
McNeill's Pottery 
Michele Hastings & Jeff Brown Pottery 
O'Quinn Pottery 
Pottery by Frank Neef 
Pottery Road Studio & Gallery 
Pott's Pottery 
Ray Pottery 
Seagrove Stoneware 
Smith Pottery 
Snowhill Pottery & Tileworks 
Studio Touya 
Thomas Pottery 
Tom Gray Pottery 
Triple C Pottery




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